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Because the practice of nursing changes over time, it is necessary to periodically re-evaluate the appropriateness of the passing standards for both the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN. To ensure that the passing standards for these exams accurately reflect the amount of nursing ability currently required to practice competently at the entry level, the NCSBN Board of Directors re-evaluates their passing standards every three years when the test plans are reviewed. Below is a sample of the information considered in the evaluation of a passing standard:
  1. The results of a standard setting exercise undertaken by the Panel of Judges. Currently, this exercise consists of a criterion-referenced standard setting method, with additional statistical result compromise procedures. Also, a list of members on the Panel of Judges and their qualifications are included. 
  2. A historical record of the passing standard and annual summaries of candidate performance on the NCLEX since the implementation of the CAT methodology in 1994.
  3. The results from the annual standard setting survey, which solicits the opinions of employers and educators regarding the competence of the current cohort of entry-level nurses.
  4. The educational readiness of high school graduates who expressed an interest in nursing. Currently, American College Testing service (ACT) provides this information.