Certified Public Accountant, Hong Kong

Your doorway to professionalism

Your 6 steps to become a HKCPA

  1. Eligibility

    In general there are six entry routes for QP admission:

    Route 1: Recognized accountancy degree holders (programmes accredited by the Institute)

    Route 2: Non-accountancy degree holders

    Route 3: Sub-degree holders
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  2. Sign up with Hongjing

    Hongjing International provides consultancy services to facilitate candidates to apply, schedule and arrange
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  3. Apply for the exams

    Objective of the QP modules

    To develop the skills and competencies essential for you to become a successful Certified Public Accountant.
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  4. Exam Prep Mode of study

    We provide different modes of study to suit your review schedules and physical locations.

    • Face-to-face lectures
    • High definition live lectures
    • Video lectures
  5. Take the exam

    Final Examination

    After successful completion of the four QP modules, you take a six-hour open book final examination (to be taken in two sessions of three hours for each three-hour session of examination plus half hour reading time).
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  6. Admission to Practice

    Registration of a person as a certified public accountant (CPA) with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants is governed by sections 24(1) and (1A) of the Professional Accountants Ordinance .

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