Hong Kong Crowdfunding Association

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Benefits and Services for Members

The Hong Kong Crowdfunding Association provides (or is working toward providing) its members with crowdfunding education, support, operational best practices, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.  The HKCFA continues to expand and enhance service offerings in response to the needs of its membership.  Current benefits and services for our members include, or are soon to include:

  Networking and Collaboration
  • Opportunity to work with crowdfunding individuals and groups across Greater China to develop best practices and resources that support all crowdfunding.
  • Opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other members of the NLCFA at regional and national NLCFA events and conferences.  HKCFA members receive special registration rates for allHKCFA sponsored events.
  • Access to the HKCFA Member Portal to facilitate connections with other crowdfund participants.
  • Opportunity to serve on one or more of the HKCFA’s many committees or board.
  Crowdfunding Group Growth, Support, Operations & Deal  Management
  • Referral of members for growth and expansion opportunities.
  • Opportunity to deliver HKCFA education programs to drive member's organizational growth.
  • Access to an HKCFA Members Only section portal and resources.
  • Access to HKCFA partnerships developed to provide high quality services to our members at affordable member rates.  These may include such things as:
    • Press release services
    • High quality cost effective due diligence services
  Professional Development and Industry Trends
  • Access to high quality professional development via a highly regarded annual conference, special workshop for crowdfunding industry leaders, and regional events
  • Access to unique crowdfunding industry data and analysis as catalyzed and/or created by the HKCFA and our companion organizations.
  • Access to presentations and reports that members can use to educate their community re: crowdfunding.
  Public Policy
  • Representation of crowdfunding members regarding issues that affect crowdfunding and the entrepreneurs and investors involved in crowdfunding in Hong Kong and Greater China.
  • Access to information and education on public policy programs that may affect or benefit crowdfund participants (such as tax credits or new regulations).
  • Opportunity to contribute to the advocacy of public policy that supports and promotes crowdfunding.