Certified Information Systems Auditor

A globally recognized certification in the field of audit, control and security of information systems

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The Exam will take 4 hours with 200 questions. Exam questions are developed with the intent of measuring and testing practical knowledge and the application of general concepts and standards. All questions are designed with one best answer.

Every question has a stem (question) and four options (answer choices). The candidate is asked to choose the correct or best answer from the options. The stem may be in the form of a question or incomplete statement.  In some instances, a scenario may also be included.  These questions normally include a description of a situation and require the candidate to answer two or more questions based on the information provided.
The candidate is cautioned to read each question carefully. An exam question may require the candidate to choose the appropriate answer based on a qualifier, such as MOST likely or BEST.  In every case, the candidate is required to read the question carefully, eliminate known incorrect answers and then make the best choice possible.
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