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A. New York Bar
All foreign-educated lawyers
Whether eligible based on your common law education or through your LL.M. degree - must submit the On-Line Request for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Credentials to get a decision on their eligibility for the New York Bar Exam.  The Board of Law Examiners is recommending that students submit that Request at least a year before you plan to sit for the exam.  Candidate without a LLM degree may consider our online LLM program offered byFlorida Coastal School of Law.  
Applicants with LLM qualifications
  1. A Law Degree from a law school recognized by competent accrediting agency of the government of the foreign country and must be deemed qualified and approved.
  2. The program of study must also be “substantially” equivalent in duration to a full-time or part-time program required at a law school in the United States approved by the American Bar Association (ABA).
  3. The foreign country’s jurisprudence must be based upon the principles of the English Common Law.
B. California Bar
Application Requirements and Procedures
  1. Complete the necessary general education;
  2. Register with the Committee of Bar Examiners as a law student or attorney applicant;
  3. Complete the requisite legal education;
  4. File an application to take the First-Year Law Students' Examination and pass, or establish exemption from the examination;
  5. File an application to take the California Bar Examination and after eligibility has been confirmed, take and pass the examination;
  6. File an application for a moral character determination and receive a positive moral character determination from the Committee of Bar Examiners;
  7. File an application, take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination and achieve a minimum scaled score as determined by the Committee  of Bar Examiners, which examination is administered and graded by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (; 
  8. Be in compliance with California court ordered child or family support obligations; and,
Meet all admission requirements and take the attorney's oath of office no later than five years from the last day of administration of the California Bar Examination the applicant passes.